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Boss Hill Entertainment Videos

Past Client Videos

Enjoy numerous videos of the bride and groom dance created from previous Boss Hill Entertainment events and wedding DJ services serving the Pittsburgh region.  From mostly wedding receptions, parties, and events,  to just having fun, we tried to provide you with actual footage of happy clients and our equipment so you can make an informed decision when searching the term "DJ near me". We love our past clients and we love to emphasize the bond between two lovers! This way, you can get an idea of what to expect from us at your wedding or events.


We also provided this page due to the different speeds and load times of your internet access. We are continually adding videos. Please check back later for new videos and content!


NOTE: You may want to turn down your volume before playing any videos on this page due to volume settings.

Bride and Groom Dance Videos

Video Disclaimer

Boss Hill Entertainment is the creator of each  video on this website. Unless specifically noted on  a video, music played in the background of each video on this site were created by their own respective artist. Boss Hill Entertainment makes no claims for creation to any music played in the background herein. Viewable videos on this website are displayed solely for the purposes of informing our interested potential clients, past clients, and guests, and are considered for educational purposes only.  Boss Hill Entertainment does not authorize any of our content to be reproduced, used, or copied. Individuals in these videos are past happy clients and their happy guests.  If you have a question about any specific video, please contact us at or you may contact us at the number below.

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