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Planning your wedding at a venue or in the backyard of a private residence? Let Boss Hill Entertainment design dazzling uplighting effects with wall-washing for large tents, near trees, or even for lighting underneath dining tables. Thanks to our wireless LED lighting system you won't risk having your guests trip over wires in the dark. Let us help you light up the night! 


We can provide up to 24 uplighting lights at an added cost. Contact us for pricing.


Here are some examples of how uplighting can bring your event to life!

Uplighting Colors

Is your eye attracted to one of these popular LED uplight colors? Just tell us the number for the sample you like (1-16). You can even pick two and we'll alternate them throughout your ballroom.

Colored Uplights-2.jpg
Led Color 1-15.png
Colored Uplights.jpg

Don't see your exact colors above? Then use this chart below to identify for us the particular hue you'd like us to create for your ballroom uplighting. This is actually a tiny sample of what is possible. By mixing red, green and blue LED light in varying proportions and intensities we can produce hundreds of colors!  Let us know which hue or hues you'd like by reading the horizontal-vertical coordinates. Example: H-1 is white/yellow or Q-16 is Dark Blue.

Led Color Spectrum.png

Again, we can provide a maximum of up to 24 uplighting lights at an added cost.

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