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Where would a wedding DJ service be without positive reviews to showcase? We want everyone to read what our happy clients are saying about Boss Hill Entertainment. We listed reviews here to make it convenient for everyone so that nobody has to go any further than our website to research us. From Google reviews to Thumbtack reviews, we tried to include them all.  

Note: You can click the icon at the top of the reviews box to see reviews from different sites. Use the scroll to the right of the review box to go up and down to read additional reviews. Thank you past and future clients. You are appreciated!

More often than not, many clients are satisfied with our outstanding  DJ services. Quite often, if the client doesn't have anything bad to say about our services, they may forget to leave a positive review. We perform mostly at weddings. After the bride and groom's wedding, rest assured they are on their way to the honeymoon. When they get back from their honeymoon, it's back to the daily grind of 9-5. Therefore, reviews are the last thing on their minds. Clients should understand that reviews, whether positive or negative are all a part of showing other potential clients if their experience with a company will be a positive experience or not. If you are reading this, you have either used our DJ services or are thinking about it. If you have used our services, please consider leaving a review at one of the numerous places via the internet. If you are planning on using our services, please remember this! If you need a link to one of our many places to provide a positive review, please text us at 724-359-7054 or you can email us at Previous clients can always revert back to their original email which has links to write a review. 

Look at what some of our clients say!

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