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At Boss Hill Entertainment, this DJ in Pittsburgh makes it easy for you  to pay for any event or wedding DJ Services balance, fees, down payments, or monthly payments for specific plans. We try to make things as convenient as possible for all our clients.  


We are continually updating our payment portals to make for a smooth and convenient way for you to pay. We charge a convenience fee of $5.00 per transaction. Please add the $5. If you need a different system to make payments, please inform us. If you need assistance, please contact us first before making any payment/s at 724-359-7054.

Payment Portals

Hold The Date Fee

The "Hold The Date Fee" is for the sole purpose of securing and locking in your event date so that others may not take that date. This is a non-refundable fee.  All other monies paid for event services that have not been rendered are refundable.  The "Hold The Date" fee is a standard $75.00 paid by check accompanied with a completed contract. However, we charge an additional $5.00 "Convenience Fee"  to use this service. You can always just use the Debit or Credit Card button to pay with a credit card.

Other Payment Portals

Click on the button below. Type the amount you’d like to send and choose how you’d like to pay. You can send money from your PayPal balance or bank account or choose your preferred debit or credit card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we’ll help you create one. Signup is fast and free.


Click on the Venmo button below. Type the amount you’d like to send and choose how you’d like to pay. Type in a note about the payment. Tap pay. Confirm payment.

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