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Hello true lovers and friends. We at Boss Hill Entertainment are fundraising for our new and yearly "Make Their Dream Come True" wedding ceremony & reception DJ services give away. 


With the Covid pandemic negatively affecting finances in every aspect across Western Pennsylvania since early 2020, so many couples had to either postpone, cancel, or not even schedule their wedding dates at all. It wasn't hard to realize that people were hurting, because our business was hurting too. Even without the pandemic, couples still have a hard time coming up with the funds necessary to cover wedding costs. We all know too well that getting married is one of the most expensive journeys a couple can take together. Boss Hill Entertainment felt compelled to help in some way. Why? Because marriage is a beautiful thing and "getting hitched" at the Justice of The Peace is not as endearing as sharing a wondrous occasion of love between family and friends.


We all dream at one point in our lives about the perfect wedding. This program affords the opportunity to at least relieve the stressors of paying for a wedding DJ because it will provide Boss Hill Entertainment DJ services to the client 100% FREE!

Initially, our idea was to partially contribute our wedding DJ services to certain couples by discounting our services. Unfortunately, it was proven to not be as feasible as originally thought. It was quite costly due to so many people suffering financially and for the amount of work required for the DJ. We then decided to create the "Go Fund Me" program so that donations for a selected couple can pay for our services. In essence, funds donated will pay Boss Hill Entertainment the cost of DJ services and provide those services free to a selected couple. Well, we are so thankful for the GoFundMe program, and most of all, we are thankful to our generous donors like yourself for making a stranger’s dream come true. 100% of all donations will help couples pay for their wedding DJ.

This not only supports business in your local community but also assists two lovers in making their wedding dreams come true by contributing or paying for the total cost of their wedding disc jockey. Furthermore, this may spark venues, photographers, caterers, etc. to follow in our footsteps. Regardless, we will continue this worthy program each year so that loving couples going through financial hardship receive our services free because of you. In addition, if the financial goal is not reached, any funds donated to this program will be used and deducted from the total cost of the wedding DJ service for the chosen couple. If we surpass our target goal, any additional funds will be used for another chosen couple. 

A couple will be chosen based on need, their story, and availability of funds and wedding dates. A panel of 5 not affiliated, nor receive any personal or financial gain with Boss Hill Entertainment, will decide who receives this service.


To register for this program to possibly be selected for this free wedding DJ service, interested persons must fill out the contact information box below, and tell us your story and how we can help. All donors will remain anonymous unless specified to not be by sending a message. Donors are welcomed to donate without supplying any information. No phone calls are permitted for registration. This program is for those getting married in 2023 and registration ends on 12/15/2022.

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